Lime Crime Lazuli Eyeliner!

This one might not be for everyone but it’s definitely something to give a go if you want to try something new! I’ve wanted to try a blue eyeliner for the longest time after the trend earlier this year but I was so scared I couldn’t pull it off. Another problem was that I couldn’t find d the prefect blue that I was after… Until Lime Crime stepped in…

So tiny yet so powerful. This tiny tube packs a punch and certainly makes you stand out. I found the best way to wear blue eyeliner is with very nude eyes, a little definition in the crease and lots of mascara. A thin line of the perfect cobalt blue across the lashes turns any basic makeup look in to something bold and fun. As scared as I was to try this out I actually really loved it! Perhaps a little more appropriate in the summer months but I’ll happily wear this all year round haha! The eyeliner itself is amazing, I’m a gel liner kind of girl so I found this wet, brush like formula and application a little trickier than what I’m used to but the brush is fine enough that I had enough control and precision to achieve the look I was going for. It lasted all day on my eyelids, even without primer – which is quite impressive considering how oily my lids are! All and all I was really impressed. For those of you wondering where to purchase Lime Crime here in the UK, I got this liner from Amazon and it was too pricey either.

Have you tried any Lime Crime products?


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