Aerin Kaleidolight Palette!

Looking to treat yourself soon? Then look no further than this gem that I stumbled across. The Aerin Kaleidolight palette is my new best friend, now a staple in my makeup bag and a product I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis! Who are Aerin? A question I’m sure plenty of you are wondering. I’m terrible at explanations but they’re basically a mini brand within Estée Lauder. You can find the Aerin rage at Estée Lauder counters or through the Estée Lauder website!

This product is pricey at £40 but it comes in a beautiful pink velvet case and has stunning gold packaging which makes it all worth the while. Its certainly one of those feel good products! It has a beautiful collection of matte and shimmer bronze shades with the addition of a rose-pink and a lavender. I love mixing these all together and sweeping them around the outer perimeter of my face to create a warm glow to the skin. Its like a bronzer but it seems to look a million times more natural. I have a very pale skin tone and I find the shades perfect for warming up my face, however, if you have a very deep skin tone I’m not sure this product will show up as well. I also really like the blush shade, the pink on its own makes for a really natural, everyday colour that brightens up the skin perfectly. The colours in this palette work beautifully on the eyes as well and make for some really wonderful warm toned looks. On both my eyes and my face this palette holds up great throughout the day! If you’re feeling a little spendy, or like treating yourself soon – this is the gem to pick up!

Aerin – Available Via Estée Lauder and John Lewis.


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