Simple Kind To Skin Sun-Kissed Moisture Cream!


Pale friends, listen up. Tanning is hard if you’re pale, let alone trying to add colour to your face without looking like a raging oompa loompa. I picked this up on a whim on a recent trip to Tesco (the best place for beauty steals) for about £3 and thought to myself, theres not much that can go wrong. Pleasantly, I’ve been rather impressed and somewhat surprised too.

If you’re pale like me then don’t panic, your face is not going to develop throughout the day and you won’t end up orange within a few hours of application. I like to use this morning and night when I require a little more colour as its effects are quite subtle. I feel it would build up a much stronger tan if I didn’t wash my twice a day but thats not something I can stop. On the skin it feels like a really nice light moisturiser, and comes out white. Throughout the day it tints the skin a slightly darker colour than what it naturally is, and after a few days of use I feel like I can move up to a slightly darker foundation shade. It doesn’t tan miracles but it is even and it does work. If your skin is any darker than mine I’m not to sure how well it’ll show up, but if you already tan your body a little then this is a good one for helping match things up. I have quite oily skin and this doesn’t effect this at all, nor does it break me out. £3 well spent in my opinion!

Simple Kind To Skin Sun-Kissed Moisture Cream! – Available at Boots.


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