MAC ‘Young At Heart’ Casual Colour – Playland Collection!


Hey everyone! I’m talking about a limited edition product today which I know might be a pain for some of you but even though this is sold out online my local MAC have plenty from this collection still in stock so you still might be able to grab it! Apologies in advance if you can’t get your hands on it! Anyways, this little cutie was the only product I actually ended up purchasing from the Playland collection, I had been eyeing the lipsticks but after seeing them in person they weren’t anything I wanted – sad face!

The casual colours from MAC can be used on both the cheeks (like a cream blush) or on the lips (kind of like a  lip balm). I personally absolutely love this on the cheeks, it has a matte/waxy kind of texture which seamlessly blends in to the skin and looks so pretty! It works well on the lips too however, I find it can be a little drying and prefer to apply a lip balm over the top. The pigmentation is totally on point, something that MAC never seams to get wrong! I’d advise being careful when applying it to the cheeks or you might end up looking a little too rosy haha! Overall its a really lovely multi purpose product and the colour is so on trend for the summer weather thats coming around. The cool toned barbie pink adds a perfect brightness to the face and wakens up my complexion! Its love!


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