The Body Shop Facial Massager!


Bit random today, but this weird looking contraption really blew me away. I totally didn’t think it would make any difference to my skin at all but its really improved the overall texture.

The Body Shop Facial Massager is a strange looking, rolling brush kind of contraption/beauty tool thing. Yup, great job on the description there Clare.. Anyways, I bought it on a whim when I had a Body Shop voucher and I’ve been using it for over 8 weeks now which tells me alone that I must like it haha! Once I’ve applied my moisturiser at night time I roll this bad boy, over my face always going in an upward motion for 3-5 minutes while I read or check my e-mails. Not only is it really relaxing but I find it manages to help my moisturiser sink in to my skin much faster too. It almost feels as if my nighttime skincare is absorbed much better which in turn I think really helps my skin out. Facial massagers like these are great for your skin because they make the blood rush to your skin which causes faster cell reproduction (or something science-y like that). After using this at night I always wake up with super glowy skin, not greasy or nasty skin but overall my skin just looks much healthier and more plump. It has so much more life to it and looks less dull and bleh, if I skip out on using this for a night I notice a high difference! From using regularly for a little while now I’d say the texture of my skin is much nicer too, makeup glides on smoother and I get less breakouts too! For £6 I’m telling everyone to give this a go!

The Body Shop Facial Massager – Available Here.


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