MUA £1 Eyeshadows!

I’m totally into grabbing a good bargain so the last time I was in Superdrug I decided to pick up three of MUA’s eyeshadows. At £1 each I decided that there wasn’t too much that could go wrong! I love MUA as a brand and they do some fantastic products and super good prices!

If you purchase these, remember they’re only £1 each and they’re not going to be as fantastic as MAC eyeshadows but they are very good for their price. I ended up picking out one matte shade which is a dark, cool toned brown. Its really nice and pigmented and it blends onto the eyes really well, it can be a little chalky but its pretty good and personally I don’t have any complaints! I also picked up a shimmery champagne colour which is a pearl formula, this one is really nice, its quite soft so you have to be careful not to pick too much up on your brush but apart from that its a really nice shadow that again blends really nicely. Lastly I decided to pick up another pearl shade which is a bronzy-copper type colour, this is probably my least favourite of the three. Its nice and pigmented but its very chunky and the chunks tend to fall down my face a little. I find that with a dry brush the eyeshadow seems to go everywhere apart from my eyes, however with a wet brush it packs on really well and gives a really nice metallic effect to the eyes. I’m personally really pleased with all three shadows, especially for £1 each! I think its just worth giving them a go using them a few different ways to really tell what the best thing to do with them is! They also have a really nice range of shades!

Let me know if you’ve ever tried these eyeshadows!

MUA Eyeshadows – Available at Superdrug.


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