Korres ‘Quince’ Lip Butter!

You know when you just pick something up on your way to the till? Thats what happened with this little gem when I was in Harvey Nichols a little while ago. I know people love these and rave about them so much so as I was passing a quickly grabbed it and didn’t look back. Its something that I’m glad I picked up as its so wonderful and I love it so much!

Oh heres me being an awkward lip model….

This lip butter has a different texture from what I’m used too. In the pot its very soft and has a kind of oily texture to it rather than a balmy texture – if you know what I mean! I actually really like it though, its very nourishing on the lips and keeps them really hydrated throughout the day. The colour ‘Quince’ its stunning also, I know I mentioned it in my Plum Lips post but its such a lovely berry-plum colour that looks great for a day look. I find that a lot of tinted lip balms still manage to dry out my lips but this one doesn’t do that. I think it might be something to do with its texture. I think I’m definitely going to be picking up more of these when I get the chance and I’m also really interested in Korres skincare so let me know if you have any favourites!

Korres Lip Butter – Available at FeelUnique.


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