OPI ‘Its All Greek To Me’ Nail Lacquer!

I always forget to take pictures of my nails when I paint them so I find myself with a lack of nail posts on my blog – my apologies – but this is something I’m working on fixing! So today you have the pleasure of seeing my dodgy nails! Woohoo!

This is my first ever OPI nail polish which is super exciting! I managed to grab a bargain at Salon Services and I found this in the clearance section for £3.25! I obviously grabbed it right away and I’ve been loving it. First of all I love the formula, when I applied it, it was thick and pretty opaque from the first coat. The consistency was good – not too runny or too thick so I was able to control the brush really well. The colour is absolutely stunning as well, its a bright pink with a golden sheen running through it. The name gets a big thumbs up too, I think ‘Its All Greek To Me’ is an adorable name! I’ve had this on my nails for around four or five days now and I can honestly say it hasn’t chipped or anything yet, whats even better is that I didn’t use a base coat or a top coat! I’m super impressed with this and I can definitely see why OPI nail polishes get so much hype. I’m going to be buying plenty more of them in the near future! 

Whats your favourite OPI shade?

OPI Nail Lacquer – Available at John Lewis.


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