Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation!

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: ASDA is the place to find your beauty bargains. Yup, I know its a supermarket and the beauty selection is pretty limited but I found this foundation for about £4 when it was on special offer. Crazy! I’ve also picked up a few other bargains from their beauty isle too, including Revlon eyelashes and an Eco Tools brush set.. But for today I’m going to let you know about this Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.

Personally I don’t like a heavy base, I like a nice lightweight, light coverage foundation and then I like to go in with a concealer where I need it. I find this gives a much more natural finish than caking on a heavy foundation as it just doesn’t sit well on my skin at all. I know this foundation is a pretty popular choice, especially amount YouTubers and fellow bloggers but when shopping around in the likes of Boots it never really took my fancy and even though its pretty inexpensive I always told myself I didn’t need it. However, being the beauty hoarder that I am, when I saw it on offer for such a steal I threw it in the trolley and didn’t look back! I’m so glad I did pick it up though as its quickly become one of my go to foundations. 

The first thing that makes it particularly appealing to me is the shade, I picked up 010 Light Porcelain which is the perfect match for my snow white skin tone. Usually when it comes to drugstore foundations the colours are a little off and its rare I come across something pale enough to suit, especially at this time of year where my skin is even paler that usual. I kid you not though, this is the perfect match! They have an impressive amount of shades too, around 10 or 12 I think. I’m not sure about darker shades but for us pale girls its definitely a bonus. It has a light scent but its nothing offensive or too strong.

This foundation gives a lovely light coverage but it can definitely be built up to more medium coverage if you like. I like it because its build able but not at all cakey which is lovely. It has a semi-matte finish but it doesn’t leave your skin looking dry or chalky, it has a luminosity to it which basically makes it look like a much better version of your own skin. Due to it not being overly wet or ‘dewy’ looking I find it sits really well with my combination skin type. It glides on beautifully over my drier areas and it copes well throughout the day on my oilier T-Zone. It makes your skin look pretty flawless and I find it keeps me looking radiant and fresh all day. I would say I can go about 5 hours + when wearing this before I have to powder which is really good for me! I think pretty much all skin types would be able to wear this!

Overall I love this and I find myself reaching for it on an almost daily basis! If you’re in the market to try something new then you should definitely give this a whirl, especially if you’re a fellow pale girl! 

You can find it here at Boots or you might bag a bargain at your local ASDA like I did!


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