Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Plus!

Everyone loves a good gift with purchase right? But some of the products always get left at the back of the drawer and forgotten about. This little moisturiser sample sadly got a little left out but after a little spring clean I popped this back at the front of the drawer so that I remembered to try it out. I remember trying out a yellow coloured moisturiser from Clinique when I was about 13, I don’t know if it was this exact one but I had a horrible experience and it made my skin so oily and broke me out like no other. Thankfully this time around I had better luck.

What I love most about Clinique skincare is that all of their products are fragrance free, a nice bonus for us who’s skin can be a little sensitive. From using this for a couple of weeks I can say that I really like it, it has a nice light, silky kind of texture and it absorbs into the skin really well. It feels very high quality which is what you should expect from a brand like Clinique. I find it really hydrating on the drier parts of my face but not overly so on the more combination areas. It doesn’t make my skin oiler than usual and so far it hasn’t broke me out, although I do have a couple of angry hormonal spots on my chin right now (sad face). I think that all skin types would find this a nice day time moisturiser to use but those with drier types might be looking for something slightly more intense. I would say its a really nice day-to-day product and this little trial size will be great if I go travelling or stay the night somewhere. I don’t think its going to replace my favourite Origins Ginzing moisturiser but its certainly a great contender.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotion + Available here at Boots.


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