Topshop ‘The Damned’ Makeup Collection!

First off I want to apologise for the lack of posts this month, its been so hectic with being back at college, uni applications, dealings and getting ready for my driving test! But I’m writing today about something I’ve been wanting to write about for quite some time, I picked this up in the Cult Beauty sale just after christmas time and sadly its not available anymore but you might be able to source out some of the products in Topshop stores. A little of the collection is available here on the Topshop website.

The collection is gorgeous, slightly vampy and a little different to a lot of the makeup that I already own. Here I have an Eye Gleam, Velvet Lips, Cheek Duo, Finishing Powder and a Nail Polish.

The Eye Gleam in the shade Noir is absolutely amazing, its a dark charcoal grey with a silver shimmer running through it. You can use this as an eyeshadow base for a nice, dark smokey eye or you can use this as an eyeliner which is what I’ve been doing. It’s a lot softer than a black liner but it still gives nice definition. The product itself is super creamy and it doesn’t smudge or crease all over the place. It feels really light and a little goes a long way. I find it lasts really well on my eyes.

Next is the Velvet lips in Velveteen Ribbon which is a lovely deep, blood red shade. Its the perfect colour for some night out glam and it’ll certainly draw attention! It goes on quite wet and glides across the lips really easily and after a minute it dries and looks like velvet! Its pretty matte and I find it lasts a really long time, however, it can be a little drying but its not something to worry about.

The Cheek and Eye Duo is a lovely product, I haven’t personally used it on the eyes as the shades don’t seem that appealing as eyeshadows to me but I do love to use this on the cheeks. On one side theres a lovely deep red colour which gives that lovely natural flush to the cheeks, like you’ve just come in from the cold outside. The other half is a pretty pink toned highlighter which looks quite natural and gives a nice glow to the face. The colours also love lovely when mixed together and then applied to the cheeks.

Lastly is the finishing powder in the shade White Lies, its probably my least favourite of the bunch. Its very highly perfumed and I think for people with sensitive skin this is an immediate no no. Its so strong that when I apply it I always sneeze or my eyes water. Its nice powder though, it has quite a lot of subtle shimmer that gives the face a nice radiant look to it but I find it really hard to get any product on my brush. Its like its been over pressed and I’ve really got to force the brush in there to pick anything up. If it was easier to use and wasn’t so scented I’d probably be in love with it as it does leave a nice finish on the skin and its quite good at setting makeup in place.

The Nail Polish in Bittersweet is also amazing, I forgot to photograph it when it was on my nails but its a stunning blood red colour. It applies a little sheer so I find I need about three coats to get it looking good but it lasts well on the nails the same as any other Topshop nail polish and I love it! A great colour for this time of year.

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