Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau De Parfum!

So this little cutie popped up under my christmas tree thanks to my parents and boy is this stuff good! If you love Soap & Glory and love to smell goof then this is definitely one for you to try out!

Okay, I’m really bad at describing scents but I’m going to give it my best attempt..

If you have a few Soap & Glory products and you know their scent, then you’ll know what I mean by that smell in the Soap & Glory isle in Boots?! It smells like that, the original glorious scent from this brand! Its sweet, fresh but lovely and girly all at the same time.

So now that my terrible description is out the way.. Heres whats on the Boots website:

“Just mist on. (And when it fades, mist again.) A gorgeous modern floral chypre style fragrance. Made with Soap & Glory’s™ signature Rose & Bergamot scent blended into a fabulous fine fragrance in a gorgeous silver bottle with ribbon tie.”

If that doesn’t sound appealing then I don’t know what does! I find this a great day to day scent as it isn’t too heavy and it lingers really well without being overpowering when its first applied. Its so lovely and if you love Soap & Glory then you’ll love this!

Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau De Parfum – Available at Boots.


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