2014 Beauty Resolutions!

So I’m back after my festive break from blogging and I thought I’d share with y’all my new years resolutions for 2014! I know this is just a quick post but I did take some pictures to get back into things and I only got one good picture thanks to the horrible lighting these days! I can’t win with my photos recently, its either too dark or the sun is waaaaaaaay to strong! Anyways..

My first resolution is to get into a body care routine. I love body moisturisers and I’m forever buying them but I don’t think I’ve ever finished one, simply because of the fact that I’m lazy and when I have a shower I want to get dressed as soon as possible.

Number two is to take my makeup off every night, I’m pretty good at this but every once in a while I don’t do it and my skin definitely suffers. I wake up in the morning and always regret not taking the 5 minutes at night to clean my face. I know I sleep better for it when I do as well!

This year I also want to get fit, I don’t want to lose heaps of weight or anything but I want to start exercising so that when I walk up a flight of stairs I don’t feel like I’ve just run a marathon.. In turn with that I want to take better notice of my diet, making sure I’m eating properly and cutting out snacking! I know I need to drink more water too, it has so many benefits for your skin and hair as well as your body so I’m going to make a really big effort to get into it.

I want to make a point of pampering myself more often too. I want to make sure I do a face mask at least twice a week so that I can keep my skin feeling fresh and fabulous! To keep my hair in check I’m going to make sure I get regular cuts as I’m bad for only getting a hair cut once or twice a year.. 

On the pampering side of things I also want to take more baths, this will give me more opportunities or face masks too and it’ll relax me in general!

Do you guys have any new years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!


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