Clinique Face Superprimer for Dullness!

I’m going to admit, I’m a bit of a primer maniac and I love trying out new ones! I’m a bit fan of clinique and when they released new primers I had to get my hands one one!

I chose to go for the dullness correcting primer as I feel that because I’m pale, sometimes my face can look a little flat and like its lacking something. I’m all for adding some glow back into my skin and so I chose this primer on this basis. This primer is really nice to apply, I think its silicone based (from what it feels like) and it does a nice job of filling in any large pores and smoothing out my skin before I apply my foundation! 

When I use this I don’t notice any great improvement in the dullness of my skin but it definitely is a great base to use before foundation. On its own without any foundation I don’t feel my skin looks any different but after foundation my skin definitely looks brighter and more awake. It makes my foundation glide on a lot easier too and stops it from settling into any pores and lines. I also find that my foundation last a lot longer too, it manages to keep it in place almost all day, with me only needing to powder a few times to keep my skin matte. I definitely recommend trying out these primers as Clinique have released a whole range of them for all different types of skin! 


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