Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder!

I’m talking about a product today that some of you might not have heard about before! I certainly hadn’t! To celebrate their recent anniversary Bourjois released a product which I thought was entirely new, but in actual fact it was one of the first products they ever released and what made their brand so popular! Let me explain the Java Rice Powder!

This is a beautiful loose powder that has a subtle pink undertone and contains some very subtle shimmer. Not the glittery or sparkley kind, a sort of diffused kind that brings a really nice sense of light to the face. You can use this as all over powder if you want to but personally I find it a bit too much for that – my skin is already quite oily so I don’t need any more shine! I do love to use this as an everyday highlighter though, it’s so pretty and finely milled and when you apply it, it doesn’t appear as if you look much different, but when the light catches this powder it lights up the face and gives it a very pretty glow that I absolutely love! My only squabble with this is that I wish  it was pressed rather that loose and it can be a little messy, but for such a beautiful powder I can hardly complain!

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder available here.


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