Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner!

First off, apologies for this post being a little on the late side. With being back to college and still trying to keep up with my job I’ve found myself with little time to do the things I love! Most of all I love writing my blog for all you wonderful readers 🙂

Today I’m talking about my new favourite liquid liner, this is actually a mini size that came free in a magazine lately. I honestly can’t remember what magazine as I read so many! I’d heard so much about Eyeko’s mascara’s and eyeliners, especially because of Pixiwoo as I see them using them a lot in their tutorials. 

If you’re anything like me and find that wearing eyeliner is only something achievable when you’ve got more than enough time on hand then I suggest giving this a whirl. I love liquid liner but I always find it takes me so long to perfect my flicks! The fine tip on this felt pen like liner makes eyeliner a breeze. Not only that but building up a thicker line is also super easy! I’m personally a big fan haha! Another great thing about this liner is that you don’t have to shake it every couple of seconds to keep getting a nice black line, every stroke is just as black and just as precise as the one before. It has pretty good lasting power too! I’ve yet to see this smudge, it lasts all day and looks just as fabulous as when first applied! I definitely recommend checking this out if you’re an eyeliner fan, especially if you find it takes you a little while to apply it!


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