Caudalie Lip Conditioner!

All of a sudden it seems that the cooler months are creeping up on us, and as much as I love Autumn my lips most certainly do not. Its this time of year where most of us catch colds and end up a little bit under the weather and if you’re anything like me your lips will dry out beyond repair as a result of cold weather and a sad immune system.

I bought this kind of randomly along with a recent Space NK order because I was about £5 off free delivery so I could either pay for the delivery or pay the same and get this little cutie! Of course I grabbed the opportunity and I have been pleasantly surprised. Before purchasing this I hadn’t really heard that much about it, I knew many people enjoyed Caudalie as a brand but I hadn’t heard about this product in particular and to be fair I can’t say I’ve looked up any reviews on it yet.

I really like this though, it has quite a thick waxy texture without much scent and it seems to coat the lips thoroughly. I find its a good one for when my lips get really bad, for when a basic lip balm just doesn’t cut it and I need to step up my game! I love it for applying under lipstick too because it doesn’t have a super greasy texture. Its very nourishing and is great to apply throughout the day as well as over night too!

I’m personally in love! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this out!


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