Ben Nye Neutral Set Colourless Face Powder!

Oh eBay, why do you temp me so? Haha! This is something I recently discovered existed, I’ve always wondered about the famous Banana Powder from Ben Nye but from most reviews I’ve heard its not a good choice for us pale girls. This however, has no colour meaning its the perfect thing for transparent skin! Let me explain!

The packaging is maybe a little inconvenient, no nice big lid to tap the product into and for brush swirling. Aside from this, this powder is perfect. Its the type of powder I think clowns and performers and such would use to keep their makeup in place without effecting their look too much. It sets the makeup beautifully, you could literally pack this stuff on and you wont look cakey – trust me, I’ve tried it. For someone who’s pale, transparent setting powder is something from a dream! So this completely colourless powder is just wonderful. It manages to set your makeup without altering its finish to drastically. Ever applied a nice dewy foundation and then set it with powder and regretted it immediately? yeah.. Of course this powder mattifies the skin, any powder will, theres just something about it that lets the foundation shine through. It also helps with controlling oily skin too! I really can’t say enough good things about this powder! I actually love it so much! Its my go to powder, not only does it help keep me matte throughout the day, it doesn’t cake up and it doesn’t hide my foundation.

Its pretty hard to find online in the UK, however I got mine from eBay with no problems at all. The seller I used shipped super quick and I had my powder within 2 days of my payment. – link.


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