Pick Of The Sticks!

I reach for these types of crayon products a lot, simply because they’re convenient and easy to use! Today i’m going to be giving a quick overview as to why these are some of my favourites!

Clinique are known well for their ‘Chubby Sticks‘, These are a super-hydrating lip product with a sheer wash of colour, they’re great for on the go and come in so many colours that theres definitely something for everyone! They also have their ‘Chubby Stick Intense‘ which are the same as the original Chubby Sticks apart from they have much more pigmentation and are more like a hydrating lipstick. More recently the expanded the Chubby Stick range and created a ‘Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes‘ which are gorgeous eyeshadows in the form of a giant crayon. I find them super easy to use and they’re so creamy to apply to the lid! Revlon have their own contender when it comes to crayon style products. The ‘Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains‘ are great when you’re after a pop of colour that has great staying power and a long-lasting effect. The most recent favourite of mine definitely has to be the Boujois ‘Colour Boosts‘ which are like an in-between of the Chubby Stick and the Chubby Stick Intense. They pack a good amount of product as well as super hydration!

What are your favourite crayon style products?


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