Dainty Doll Eyeshadows!

I can’t write about these without mentioning that I got them in Poundland! Yes! Poundland! If you’re not familiar with Poundland its a shop that sells a whole bunch of things all at the cheap price of £1! 


The only downside to buying these from Poundland is that they were all in sealed packages with stickers on them that were pretty unhelpful, they said things like ‘brown’ or ‘yellow’ which to me isn’t useful in the slightest! Anyways I chanced my luck and picked up the packets that said ‘green’, ‘purple’, and ‘brown’. Despite the chance I took I’m quite impressed with what I ended up with! Don’t ask me how or why Dainty Doll as a brand has been floating about heavily discounted but I know for sure Poundland isn’t the only place that their products have been cropping up.

002 is a pretty beige type taupe colour which I love to sweep all over my lids on a lazy kind of day but it can definitely be incorporated into more dramatic night time looks too! 005 is a gorgeous shimmery purple colour which I think will look great smudged out along the lower lash line with some winged liner on the top for a pop of colour! Lastly 008 is a stunning turquoise shade which is also shimmery which again I think will be great for adding a pop of colour!

All of these eyeshadows are of course shimmery and they are all super pigmented! They do have a little fall down but for a pound I’m hardly complaining! They’re buttery soft and also blend like a dream so I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for more of their products in poundland next time I’m passing!


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