Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray!

Having particularly thick hair, I never really looked into this product at all really. But recently it came free with a copy of Elle magazine and I decided to try it out anyways!

Because my hair is thick it tends to be quite heavy, so if I don’t help it out a little at the roots sometimes it can be a bit flat on top with too much volume near the ends. Usually I spray a little dry shampoo in the top and I’m good to go! I’ve been opting for this over the past couple of weeks in order to give it a try and here are my thoughts!

When sprayed into wet hair near the roots before drying it gives the hair more hold, meaning its less fly away-ish and it sits how I want it to. When sprayed into the roots on dry hair its quite wet and sticky to begin with but once you scrunch your hair a few times with your hands it settles and dries almost unnoticeable. It gives the hair a good hold and fairly spruces up the flatness! It also works pretty good as a normal hairspray too but I find its much wetter and spray can hairsprays tend to be a little easier to use over this. I do however, really enjoy using this. Its become part of my everyday routine and I think I might end up purchasing it once I’ve finished this cute little bottle!

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray – link.


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