Nivea Daily Tinted Moisturising Day Cream!

As tinted moisturisers and BB creams are becoming more popular now its the summer months, I can’t help but feel that some brands are sneakily increasing their prices. This is a little gem I found when in ASDA (my new place for unintentionally picking up new beauty products) and at just over £3 I thought it was a pretty good excuse to give it a go. On getting home I did a little research and from what I’ve found this is bit of a marmite product in the blogging world. Some people are absolutely in love with this whereas others really aren’t a fan. Personally, I think its pretty good for its price and I think its a great product to quickly apply before you head out the door. Let me introduce the Nivea Tinted Moisturiser – link!


When in ASDA some might have noticed that a lot of their creams and lotions on the shelves are in secured see-though boxes, meaning that you can’t test them out on the back of your hand or anything. This tinted moisturiser comes in only one shade ‘natural’ but I have heard of others finding it in a darker shade in some Boots stores. When products only come in one shade I always think the worst – I have very pale skin and its rare that the ‘one shade suits all’ suits me. However, I am quite impressed with this. I’ve leaned that to get the best out of this for my skin I simply need to make sure I don’t use too much, when using just the right amount you can’t notice at all that this is slightly on the dark side for me, but then again in the summer I tend to do a little bit of fake tanning to warm up my complexion. The coverage is also quite good for a tinted moisturiser, even when I don’t use that much. 

Also when applying, I’m just going to say it now! This tinted moisturiser dries with a very natural matte finish on the skin but if you’re not quick and it dries before you’ve blended it in, you’ll end up with some nice caking going on! I find its best to work in small sections at a time and it works wonderfully. I love how it dries matte too, a lot of tinted moisturisers can be quite shiny once they’ve been applied and for someone like me with oily skin its not always practical. This lasts quite good on my skin, about the same as any other tinted moisturiser I’ve tried!

You get quite a lot for you’re money with this too, you get a fabulous 50ml which beats the more pricey brands with their more pricey 30ml. Along with this you get the protection of SPF 8 which to some might seem a little pointless but its better than nothing! I really like this tinted moisturiser, its not as luxurious as other I’ve tried but I find myself reaching for it quite a lot!


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