MAC ‘Love Thing’ Mineralize Blush!

A recent purchase of mine which I’m in love with! I mean, what girl can resist a good bit of MAC?

MAC ‘Love Thing’ Mineralize Blush – link.

This blush is gorgeous and great if you want to quickly add a flush of colour to your cheeks, be warned however! This blush is super pigmented and I ended up having a little bit of an accident why I first applied this haha! Its a super pretty pinkish-red colour with a little bit of gold shimmer running through it. Right now in the summer months I think this blush is a little bit too dark but for the autumn/winter I think its going to look amazing! If you’re anything like me of course, you can wear this whatever season! I like using this when I want to brighten up my complexion but I’m always careful not to apply too much! This blusher feels super finely milled and its extremely pigmented! Another great addition to my ever growing blush collection!


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