MAC ‘Pearl’ Cream Colour Base!

Being the highlighter addict that I am, heres another product thats caught my attention!

MAC ‘Pearl’ Cream Colour Base – link.

Cream Colour Bases are sold as a multi-purpose kind of product. You can use them on your eyes, cheeks and some even on your lips too. But I find this product works best for me on my cheeks as a highlight. 

Hoping to use this product for all its multi-purpose uses I applied this to my eyelids before applying any eyeshadow, hoping it would work as a great base. It went on really smooth and the eyeshadows stuck to it nicely and looked a little more vibrant than usual but sadly, even with a primer, this creased on me. Having said that I do have what I’m pretty sure are the worlds oiliest eyelids so I wasn’t to disheartened. For others with less oily lids this would probably work wonders.

I’ve found myself using this a lot on the tops of my cheekbones as a highlight as its a super pretty pearly-champagne colour with the right amount of sheen and not too much shimmer. I swirl my ring finger in the little pot and then pat it on to the tops of my cheekbones and it looks absolutely amazing, a must have in my opinion for creating the perfect dewy-skin look. I find this lasts all day with no touch-up requirements and it isn’t too heavy to wear during the day as well as the option of being able to build it up for a more evening look.

I’m seriously addicted to it and highly recommend you give it a swatch next time you’re passing your local MAC!


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