Collection ‘Cotton Candy’ Cream Puff!

This is a product that I recently picked up from ASDA of all places haha! I’m so glad I did though as I am absolutely in love with it! This is the Collection ‘Cotton Candy’ Cream Puff – link. 

First off, this colour is absolutely amazing! It’s like a darkish, nudy-pink kind of colour (okay, probably worst description ever but I think it would suit a lot of skin tones) that instantly brightens up the face. It dries matte but it isn’t too drying on the lips but because of its velvety texture you can definitely get away with applying a lip balm over the top of this without ruining how it looks. I like to do this sometimes to make sure my lips stay nice and moisturised. It’s very creamy in texture and it super easy to apply with the little doe-foot applicator and I find it lasts really well without too much touching up throughout the day. I’m surprised I like this as usually I can’t stand matte textures on the lips – this one is a great exception and its really lovely.

I definitely want to pick up more of these as I really like the texture and pigmentation! I would’ve included a picture of my wearing this but I was having a particularly bad face day haha! Let me know what you think of this in the comments if you’ve tried it.


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