Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream!

If you’ve seen any pictures of me here on my blog you’re probably well aware of the fact that I’m about as pale as a carton of milk and when it comes to summer I’m always in the need of something to make me look a little less pale and scary. I’m not a fan of fake tanning my face as I feel it clogs my pores and it never really lasts all that long when I’m cleansing my face at night. This product has been coming in especially handy though!

Boujois BB Bronzing Cream – link.

Okay, so when you pump it out of the tube it looks absolutely terrifying. I must admit when I put some of this on my hand in store I thought ‘oops’ but once its blended in it actually looks very natural! Which surprised me a great deal!

It claims to be an 8 in 1 kind of products thats meant to: even skin tone; be a sheer tint; boost radiance; give 16 hour moisturising; smooth skin; prolong tan; provide SPF 15; have a refreshing sensation and smell like chocolate. And breath.

Personally I find that it definitely does even out the skin tone, in terms of a BB cream it doesn’t provide that much coverage but then again it is supposed to be a sheer tint. I definitely love the fact that this isn’t hugely over powering as I was worried it would make me look orange-faced. It generally just adds a nice glow to the skin and you can build it up if you want to change you skin tone even more. It has quite a radiant finish and even though it’s supposed to be a moisturising product its not a problem on my oily skin and I wouldn’t say this lasts any less or any more than any other foundations/BB creams that I’ve tried. It definitely makes my skin appear more smooth without looking completely caked in makeup. It definitely doesn’t smell like chocolate in my opinion but the scent isn’t bad at all! I like the fact that there is only one shade for this product, I’m extremely fair and usually one-suits-all products tend to be far too dark, this is just fine though – probably because you can build it up to suit your requirements.

Sometimes I like to mix this in with whatever foundation I’m using on that day to give me an extra bit of colour. However, its different to using a foundation thats a couple of shades darker as it seems to blend in seamlessly and give the impression of and overall glow rather than a false colour.

I’m really pleased with this and if you’re interested in boosting your glow for the summer months then this is a product that I highly recommend!


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