MUA Pro-Brow Kit!

I picked this up a few weeks ago, simply because it was only £3.50 and I needed something new for my brows. I am so glad I picked this up!

Despite MUA’s cheap prices some of their products are absolute gems! For the money this is a great little product!

The kit comes with two brow colours at the top and underneath it theres a highlight shade and a wax for holding your brows in place. It also comes with a mini pair of tweezers and a mini double-ended angle brush.

I tend to favour the lighter shade for my brows and then use a little of the darker one on the outer part of my brows as I think it looks more natural. Sadly the colour in this palette which is supposed to be for highlighting the brow bone is far too dark for me but it still makes a nice eyeshadow. The wax is super handy, I find it really does hold my bows in place without making them look too unnatural. 

I tend not to use the little angle brush that comes with it and use one of my own as I find this one a little too plasticy for my liking and I find it picks up far too much product. The tweezers are not bad and it’s super handy that they come in this little set. I think overall it’s a great set for travelling with and for everyday! I think the powders are nicely pigmented and are great shades for most peoples eyebrows. Good job MUA!

Swatches above, left to right: highlight shade, darker brow shade, lighter brow shade.

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