MAC 217 or Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush?

I’ve never done a this or that post before but I thought this one might be a good one, hopefully it might be useful for you fellow brush lovers out there as initially I thought these two brushes were going to be very similar – I was very wrong!

My Base Shadow Brush is getting a little old now – I could really do with a new one haha! I’ve had it for almost two years now, and I still love it to pieces. It has a funky purple, metal handle with a rubbery end which makes it nice to hold. It’s quite light (I would say lighter than the MAC 217).

The MAC 217 has a black wooden handle with some nice silver which makes it look very classy and professional. It still feels nice to hold even though it isn’t as light. This is a more recent addition to my collection as I see so many people using these all over YouTube and I just really wanted to try it for myself!

As I mentioned before, I thought these two brushes were going to be similar – I’ve come to the conclusion that they are in fact quite different and have different uses.

As the name states the Real Techniques brush is for your eyeshadow base and this is what I think it does very well. Before I had my 217 I used to use this brush for applying shadow all over the lid and for blending other colours into the crease. When I use this brush for blending I find myself reaching for another brush to soften the edges as it doesn’t quite blend out the colour enough for my liking. 

Overall I think the Real Techniques brush is great for applying colour all over the lid as its super soft and its slightly tapered top means you can get right into the inner corner with the colour.

Since I got my 217, I’ll have to admit I’ve gotten very lazy. I tend to use this brush and this brush only when I’m doing my everyday neutral eyes. Not only does it do a wonderful job and applying colour all over the lid, it’s amazing at blending. Like seriously – this brush does all the work, I feel like I barely need to do anything when I use this. It makes my life so much easier, especially when I’m in a hurry!

The Real Techniques brush has synthetic brushes which generally means its easier to clean, however, I can’t really say I’ve had any bother when it comes to cleaning my 217 (which is not synthetic). I do think the RT’s brush wins on softness, again probably because it’s synthetic but the 217 doesn’t cause me any bother as it’s pretty soft too. 

The Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush comes as part of the Real Techniques Starter Set which is priced at £21.99. The MAC 217 comes on its own with a price tag of £17.

I honestly love both of these brushes so much and I wouldn’t be able to go a day without either of them! The RT’s brush is my favourite for a quick swipe of colour over the lid and the 217 makes my life so much easier when it comes to blending out some colour in the crease! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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