Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet & Eye Liner Palette!

A recent splurge of mine which.. I could have resisted, but if you know me, anything pretty I see is hard to resist haha! As if I need anymore eyeshadow too.. Anyways! This little beauty is gorgeous and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Clarins is supre luxurious in my opinion haha! This cute little palette comes with a velvety soft sleeve to keep it safe which I think is exceptionally adorable and it makes it feel all that more special!

The packaging of this baby is lovely too, it comes in this lovely red casing which has some kind of sunny/summery looking pattern encased within the lid.. its very pretty!

Not only is the outside nice to look at the packaging on the inside really makes a statement too, pressed into the eyeshadows is a pattern similar to the one in the lid. I’m used to seeing eyeshadows pressed flat into their pans but this little cutie has such a gorgeous imprint in it I was almost too scared to use it! I really didn’t want to spoil its beauty! On using this a little you can see I’ve spoiled it a little but nothing to damaging.

The palette also comes with two little applicator brushes which I personally haven’t used because I’m a total brush addict.. but they look nice shapes and the gold packaging makes them look a little more special than usual. On of them is also a little angle brush which means you can use it with the black eyeshadow as an eyeliner if you wanted too, which is what I think the purpose of the black eyeshadow is for based on the name of this product…

The eyeshadows in this palette are super soft and super pigmented and blend like a dream which makes me feel a little less guilty about splurging on it haha! The swatches are below and sadly I forgot to swatch the black but its very black and just as pigmented as the rest.

The colours in this palette are absolutely gorgeous, theres a lovely warm, dark, bronzy purple colour, a warm pink colour, a champagne colour and a beautiful gold colour – all amazing for the summer months and good for coming into the autumn moths too. They’re all shimmery which gives you that nice glowy look about your eyes.

This palette is available from Debenhams for £31.


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