MAC Vanilla Pigment

I picked this little beauty up a while ago but never really used it all that much for some reason. More recently I’ve been loving this and can’t get enough of it!

MAC Vanilla Pigment is such a beautiful colour, like a frosted white-cream with a subtle gold shimmer. It’s so gorgeous and makes the most amazing inner corner highlight on the eyes! I think the reason I didn’t reach for this so much  is because I always fear that I’ll knock over the little tub and spill it! It can also be a bit more fiddley to use compared to a regular eyeshadow. 

This being said it actually has quite a few uses! Mostly I use it on my eyes but sometimes I like to use a little bit of this to highlight my face such as my cheekbones and on my cupids bow! Its extremely pretty and I love its versatile use! I find myself reaching for this more often than not. I was almost about to say that this product is ‘extremely pigmented’ but of course it is… it’s a pigment haha!


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