MAC Patisserie Lipstick

 If you’re familiar with the blogging world I’m sure you’ve seen the million posts about this lipstick! MAC’s Patisserie to me is like the perfect nude (it’s not really nude but its nude for me!) described by a lot of people as a “my lips but better” kind of colour.

MAC describe Patisserie as a “sheer creamy neutral pink” which I totally agree with! This lipstick is a Lustre finish meaning that it’s super moisturising and not completely opaque. Despite being a little sheer it still has good pigmentation. I think this colour is a really nice peachy-pink colour and as most describe it, I think it’s like a better version of my lips! It just looks like a more flawless version of my lips. It also has the tiniest amount of gold shimmer in it which makes your lips look a little glossy too. 

Personally I love the Lustre finish as I find it nice and moisturising, and I feel you can apply them without a mirror. 

This is definitely my new everyday lip colour! I love it so much! To me its like a nude as I refuse to wear anything which pales my lips out – I’m pale enough as it is haha! 


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