Botanics Iconic Clay Mask – Shine Away

For starters.. I was going to insert a picture of me wearing this mask but after realising I looked like a complete idiot I decided not too haha! However, despite looking like a fool when wearing this it does do a rather good job. It’s a clay mask so it applies wet and then sets quite hard on the face.. meaning you have to refrain from laughing or it’ll crack! 

I use this once a week and apply it to clean, cleansed skin. Despite all the products in the world, after a week of college and being out and about I find my pores to be a little clogged and generally just in need of a little TLC.  This mask does a good job and drawing the dirt of my skin and leaving it feeling very refreshed and replenished. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes so its a great one to use before bed. I wash it off with warm water and a muslin cloth and then once it’s all off I like to splash my face with some cool water. 

I find it does a really good job and I really like it and it’s relatively cheap price tag! I picked this up when I was passing my local Boots and I’m super pleased I did! Have you got any recommendations for other masks I should try?


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