Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint – Blueberry

A new discovery of mine, after hearing all the hype. How can a girl resist?!

First of all, excuse my awful cuticles! The cold weather really is a pain. Also I’m not the best at painting  my nails.. but oh well! Just look at the colour of this! This is in the colour Blueberry and it is absolutely gorgeous! I honestly don’t think anything else will be on my nails all spring or summer! I’m actually really impressed with the formula of this nail polish too, it’s super glossy which you can probably see in the photo but it also seems to be lasting super well on me too. Believe me, I am terrible for chipping my nails. Usually my nails only look nice for one or two days and then they chip all over the place – but this is a whole new story.. This is day four! Yes! Four! For me, this is super impressive. I also think the fact that it’s so glossy makes it look almost like gel nails? I love this – can’t wait to pick up more!


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