Avène Eau Thermale – Thermal Spring Water

I’ve considered buying MAC Fix+ for quite some time now, but in all honestly I was never really that sure. I picked this up recently and it’s become a staple in both my makeup routine and my night time skin care routine.

The Avène Thermal Spring Water comes in a can similar to that of a deodorant one. It has a spray top which evenly distributes a fine mist of the water over the face. I never really thought I would be into something like this, as generally I didn’t think it was something I needed or would use. I use this in the morning on my face before foundation and then again after I’ve powdered my face – it does a really nice job of taking away the powdery look that can sometimes occur, as well as setting my makeup and making it last a little longer on my oily skin. I find my self using it throughout the day when I re-powder my face as it somehow manages to get rid of any kind of cakey look. It’s also super refreshing and I think I’ll probably carry it around in my bag with me in the summer when it gets a little warmer. At night time I like to spray this after I’ve cleansed my skin as it refreshes it and makes it feel nice and smooth. I also think since using this my skin has become a little softer in texture and I find when I used this after moisturiser, before foundation it makes it go on smoother and gives it a more natural finish.

If you’ve never thought about a product like this I highly recommend giving it a whirl – it’s only around £6 and has many great uses.


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