A Cute Way To Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

Anyone else grudge paying the £14 for a MAC empty eyeshadow palette? And if you want the insert it’s even more! I have a solution that looks super, super cute!

This cute vintage plaster tin is something I picked up at a car boot sale for £2! Impressively cheap, and you can pick up little tins like this all over the place now – from ebay to charity shops. Generally they wont be more than £5 which is pretty good going considering the price MAC charges! A little tip is to make sure the tin is steel as steel is magnetic. Aluminium is not, therefore your eyeshadows wont stick to it! I bought these eyeshadows in the pan form (meaning they don’t come in the little plastic container and they have a little magnet on the back), however, if you have eyeshadows in the ordinary form you can de-pot them – there are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to do this. After this you can glue on a thin magnet to the back and they can be popped in your cute, vintage, eyeshadow palette along with all the others! I hope this post gave some of you some some inspiration and hopefully it will save some of you a bit of money too! Personally I think it looks much cuter than the plain black! The two eyeshadows shown in the post are Naked Lunch and Omega if anyone was wondering.


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