No More Google Reader OR Google Friend Connect?!

I’m not quite sure why Google would want to do such a thing?! Google Reader is what I assume most of us use to keep up to date with all the blogs we follow through Google Friend Connect (GFC) – another thing which is also leaving us! 

I’m genuinely sad that Google would make a decision like this, but I suppose they’re trying to encourage people to use Google +, something I’ve still not really got the hang of. I just thought it would be a good idea to give me followers a little heads up if they are common users of these features.

I have a few suggestions as to what to do when Google Reader and GFC are gone. The best thing I can recommend is signing up to a site like Bloglovin, its similar to google reader but you can follow any kind of blog, from wordpress to blogger. It’s really easy to use and you can import all the blog’s you’re already following through Google Reader/GFC to it in one easy click. Click here to visit my blog through Bloglovin and you can see if you like the set up!

Another thing you can do is follow my blog through Facebook, I post on my page every time a blog post is up so you wont miss a thing! Click here to visit my Facebook page

Even though I might not have the most followers on my blog I really do appreciate each and every one and I would be really happy if you could continue to follow me through another reader. Thank you so much for reading. RIP Google Reader & Google Friend Connect.


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