Topshop Makeup Blush/Glaze

I’ve always wanted to pick up some of Topshop’s makeup as so many people say good things about it. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else.. but every time I’ve went into the Topshop near where I live, the makeup stand is always a mess! Barely any testers which have clearly led to people opening the sealed products and sticking their fingers in them, not very hygienic. The other day I decided to give it another shot and too my surprise it wasn’t too bad. I picked up a lipgloss or “Glaze” in the colour Vintage and a cream blush in the colour “Prime Time”.

Lip Glaze – £6, Cream Blush – £6.

I really like both of these products, especially the cream blusher. It looks incredibly bright but it looks really nice on. It’s highly pigmented so you barely need any of it – I made the mistake of applying too much the first time I used it! I think its a really pretty colour that will look great now that the weather is starting to brighten up a bit, or so I’m hoping haha!

I also really like the lipgloss, its a really nice everyday kind of colour. It’s not insanely pigmented but the colour pay off is really nice for a lipgloss. It’s a little bit sticky but I don’t mind this as I think stickier lipglosses stay on for a little longer. It also has a really nice vanilla scent which I love! If anyone watcher FleurDeForce on YouTube you’ll know she mentioned that it’s been rumoured that it’s the same people who make Topshop lipglosses as it is the MAC ones. She also said that they’re very similar, I don’t have any to compare but if she says they’re similar – I’ll go with that to save the bank!

Left to Right: Glaze in “Antique”, Cream Blush in “Prime Time”

Overall, I’m really pleased with these products. They’re really good quality for the price and Topshop are giving students 20% off right now making them even more affordable! 


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