Review: Rimmel – Urban Purple

This is – without a doubt – my new favourite colour! Rimmel’s Urban Purple (402). To me, it’s like the perfect combination of dark and bright. It seems to show up a little brighter than it actually is on camera, its more of a deep raspberry colour. I really like the large brush on these nail polishes, they make application, for people like me who struggle when it comes to painting nails, much easier!

I didn’t apply a top coat over this nail polish, simply because its so pretty and didn’t want anything to cover it up.. not that top coats really do that, but you know what I mean?!

So far this nail polish hasn’t chipped, which is somewhat a miracle for me! Usually I can’t wear darker colours as they experience severe carnage within only a few hours! Anyways, I think this is the most beautiful nail colour ever – I also think the name “Urban Purple” sounds really cool and stylish! This is definitely a colour I will be wearing all year round.


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