Review: Clinique Stay-Matte Foundation

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I will upload my own picture when I have purchased this product. (The sample container isn’t very attractive!)

I am so excited about this! Let me explain, I went to Boots the other day (I was actually going to pick up some Rimmel Appocalips, but they were sold out) and I passed the Clinique counter. I’m not sure if this is new or not but it seemed to be what they were trying to promote the most. Having a super oily T-Zone I decided to ask for a sample and of course I was matched to the fairest shade (01 Linen).

I used this today and what I found at first is that is was really hard to blend in – I think its because this foundation is really dry, to combat oil. I felt I had to use a little more than normal to get it to blend in nicely. I also found that it settled into my pores, I never really thought I had large pores and this seemed to emphasise them. However, after a little more blending this wasn’t visible at all. I found that this sticks to any dry patches as well, I have a tiny dry patch next to my nose from where a blemish was and this foundation emphasised the dryness a little but this also went away with more blending. 

I was really impressed with the coverage this foundation offers, I would say its medium but most definitely buildable. Its a little heavier than I would normally wear but it didn’t look cakey or like I was wearing too much foundation. I think this is the kind of foundation that I would personally wear only on my T-Zone and opt for something lighter on the rest of my face as it does leave the skin looking very matte and despite having oily skin I’m quite the fan of dewy, radiant looking cheeks.

My most favourite thing about this foundation is its staying power! I applied it today at 10am and its now 9pm (almost 12 hours later) and its still on my face! I have a little shine down my nose and in the centre of my forehead but nothing compared to what I would usually experience. Normally after about 4 hours my foundation has basically melted off and dissolved into nothing, I’m usually left with no coverage and a very oily face (believe me I’ve tried a lot of foundations to find they all do the same!). This one however, seems to have lasted a very long time – I’m so impressed! In fact I really am so impressed I’m not even sure if this is really happening! I’m so glad my current foundation is almost out, as I will definitely be buying this as I am super impressed with it.

I think I can finally say that I have found the solution to oily skin problems! 

If you have oily skin, I highly recomend that you get a sample of this! Hopefully you’ll be as pleased as I am! 😀


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