New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you had a great time. Since it’s the new year I thought it would be appropriate to make a new years resolution. I’ve decided to work harder on my blog: to take better photos; to make sure I spell everything correctly; to make sure what I’m posting is interesting and finally: to give my blog a proper makeover! In beginning to study graphic design I have begun to appreciate design and layout, I’ve realised how important it is for things to look good. Although a lot of the products I mention can speak for themselves, it’s nice to be able to help them along the way with a nice looking blog!

I went ahead and designed my own header, it took a bit of time getting it to look right but I think overall it looks much better than before. As well as this I’ve been revising my HTML coding that I learnt when I studies computing at school to help improve how my blog flows overall – speeding up link clicking and so on.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look! Let me know what you think, and here’s to a new year of hard work and better blogging!

new blog header!


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