Illamasqua Mystery Box!

So recently on the Debenhams website the Illamasqua Eyes & Nails Mystery Box was on sale! The box would have originally been £35 but was reduced in the sales to around £23! Considering the box contains about £90 worth of products I thought it was an extremely good deal – even though it is taking a risk at what products may be inside!

The first product is one which is guaranteed to be in the box and its a cream eyeshadow or “Liquid Metal” in the colour “Electrum” which is described as an antique gold colour. I’ve considered buying this in the past as it looks so pretty! I tried this out on the back of my hand and it has the most amazing, soft texture ever! The pigmentation is also amazing, I’m so excited to wear this – I think its a great colour for blue eyes. It also smells kind of like fudge which is nice!

The next guaranteed product is a “Precision Ink” in the colour “Glister” which is like a glittery nude colour. However, on my pale skin its like a light brown colour in comparison! I really like this, I do think that I would wear it. It also went on really smooth and had good colour pay off when I tried it out.

I also got a powder eye shadow in the colour “Feline” which I think I might be in love with! Its a matte light/medium grey colour and I just think its so pretty! It also had great pigmentation when I tried it out.

The next eyeshadow I received is in the colour “Fiasco” which is a matte dark turquoisey blue colour. I do like this colour but I don’t think its the kind of colour I will wear until summer comes around as its quite bold. Great pigmentation from this too.

The first nail polish in my box is a yellow colour with green shimmer and the colour is called “Radium”. This is certainly not something I would have chosen to purchase but again I think it will be a nice summer colour.

The second nail polish is a very dark green in the colour “Rampage” which I am very pleased with. I’m liking darker colours right now with it being the winter months and I think I will get a lot of wear out of this all year round – I think it will make a nice alternative for black.

Finally the swatches which show the colours a little better. Left to right – Glister, Fiasco, Feline, Electrum.

Overall I’m pleased with what was in my box, I definitely think I’ll wear all the products at some point. I don’t own any other Illamasqua products but I think this is going to start a new addiction for the brand! Especially for their cream eyeshadows if they’re anything like Electrum! Electrum and Feline are definitely my favourite products from this box! What do you think?


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