A Little Bit of Vintage!

I’ve been really inspired by the vintage trend that seems to be around right now and since I recently moved house I’ve had a lot more leeway on decorating my room. Over this weekend I have been working on a few things to make my room look more girly and hopefully a little more vintage!

Believe it or not – this cute little jewellery holder, drawer thing wasn’t actually white and worn out when I got it. Originally it was plain wood with a light varnish on it. To make it look more “vintage” I gave it a couple of white spray paint, left it to dry for 24 hours and then lightly took some sandpaper over the edges and any other areas where I thought it would wear. And here we are! I think it looks so cute.

I’ve also been collecting old vintage-style tins as they’re great for storing things in, such as jewellery.

This little old “thrift” tin has become a cute place for me to store all my lip glosses and lipsticks. I love it! It only cost me £1.50 from a car boot sale too.

To add a little more colour I saved some food tins, such as tuna and beans! I then covered them with some cute vintagey paper and used them to store bracelets and makeup brushes! I think its a great way to recycle things and give them a new life – or as everyone seems to be saying these days “up-cycling”.

Slightly cheating maybe, but I picked this mirror up from boots in the sales for £10 and thought it fit perfectly on my table since it has a somewhat vintage look about it.

Also the mirror that is hung on the wall was gold, but I used some of my spare spray paint to make it white. I think it looks much nicer and it definitely goes with my room much better.


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