Soap & Glory!

I think I might be addicted to Soap & Glory! Everything smells amazing and also seems to work really well. I am impressed.

I realised I missed a few things out when I was taking pictures; such as the Clean On Me shower Gel, but I do love that also! It smells great and generally works as a good shower gel. 🙂

Heel Genius – Firstly I think thats an amazing name! haha, I’ve never really used any foot cream before as feet generally creep me out but I really like this. It smells fresh and it makes my feet soft – what more could anyone ask for!

Hand Food – This has marshmallow in it! How amazing is that! I think thats what makes it smell so good. I also believe this might be the secret ingredient which makes my hands soft..

Smoothie Star Body Milk – If I could consume this then I most definitely would – its like biscuits. Its also really moisturising, cant fault it.

Peaches and Clean – I use this in the shower.. on my face.. I like it… it smells nice..

The Righteous Butter – Even more moisturising than the body milk! Its for really dry skin which is great for this time of year when its cold and you’re all dry and dull. I like the smell of this too – no surprise. I think it works really well, in fact, I think I might  like this better than the Body Shop body butters… we’ll see..

Sugar Crush Body Scrub – PLEASE GO AND SMELL THIS! Its so nice, even my mum went out and bought like three jars of it! Its amazing and really works great. I find its good to use before shaving your  legs, I think it helps my legs stay smoother for longer. I LOVE IT.

I’m definitely addicted to Soap & Glory…


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