Body Shop

Had a trip to The Body Shop not so long ago, heres what I’m liking..

The lip butters are absolutely amazing! Not only that but they’re 4 for £10 at the moment along with a free bronze tin to store them in – which is rather cute. They have many different scents but these are the ones I decided to purchase, and they smell absolutely wonderful! I think I’ve fallen in love… and if you’ve read my older post about chap sticks then you’ll know that I struggle with products for my lips because they’re so dry. I can’t usually wear lipgloss or lipstick, which sucks. I feel like these lip butters have actually helped heal my lips a little, they feel much softer and I feel like i don’t have to use so much product on them anymore to make them feel like I can move them! They’re amazing.

I’ve also been really liking the body mists because they’re light and smell really fresh. I feel that sometimes perfume is too heavy so these mists are a great alternative for during the day. Unfortunately they seem to attract insects, especially wasps, but if I couldn’t resist their smell then I don’t see why it would be any different to them!


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