Tanning Product Reviews!

Since summer is quickly approaching I thought I’d post about something that might be of help especially if you’re extremely pale like I am.. I’ve tried a few popular tanning products in my time and I’m going to quickly tell you what I think about some of them.

The first one I will talk about it Garnier Ambre Solaire no streaks dry face mist. The one I used was in light as I’m possibly the palest person you’ll ever meet. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of this product simply because I’ve been using it for the past weeks and notice absolutely no change in my colour. I can’t tell if its just because my face gets washed every day, even though I use it after washing, or if it’s just not a great product. I agree that it causes no streaks but only because I don’t see any difference since using it. I love the fact that it feels dry while applied and how easy it is to use but unfortunately, for me, this product has been very disappointing and I wouldn’t chose to use it again.

The next product is L’Oréal Sublime Bronze self tanning dry mist and again I used this product in the lightest shade which was Fair Skin. I really liked this product quite a lot. Its really easy to apply and dries in seconds and the great thing is your tan develops in 3 – 4 hours. I have never experienced the colour to be orange or too dark. I would suggest using this product every second day as I found if you use it every day it can turn slightly orange. Another thing I found if that this product can be a little streaky, but only slightly, and this disappears after a second or third application, I’d also recommend using this after showering and waiting another 24 hours until showering again or you may end up a bit patchy.. as I have experienced. I really like this product and would definitely use it again simply because its really easy to apply.

The final product is definitely my favourite one: Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion. Basically this product is a tinted moisturiser which is great because it helps avoid having darker patches on the drier parts on your skin. I love this product and I use it almost everyday in the spring summer simply because it tans you very gradually and your tan builds up slowly and more naturally each day you use it. It can take a while to dry but it’s definitely worth the wait as it leaves your skin feeling super soft as well as tanned. I would say out of the 3 products this one gives the most natural looking tan as it builds up over time, although after applying the product I do usually see a slight change after 4 – 5 hours. For best results I also suggest exfoliating dry areas of your skin before hand such as your elbows and knees and these can turn slightly darker than expected. I’ve never experienced an orange looking tan with this product but it can be slightly patchy if you don’t rub it into your skin well enough. Sadly, for me, I can’t use this on my face as it is too oily and I already have very oily skin but I think it would be fine for people with drier skin. This is by far my favourite and I use it in Fair to Normal skin.

If you would like to suggest any other tanning products to me then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll check them out! Also I will be posting a lot more after this month as I will have finished my exams. Happy Tanning!


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