Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Lip Liner Collection

Kylie Jenner lips are on the rise and before the whole fuss about Velvet Teddy lipstick and Whirl lipliner from Mac I'd never really been one to line my lips all that often. Over the past few months I've branched out and tried a few different liners and I'm definitely on the band wagon for longer lasting lip colour.

Some of you might look at this collection of lip liners and wonder how I survive but the six I've gathered do the job. I think from my trialling Mac has come out top as the liners they offer seem to apply to my lips much easier than some of the others, but there are definitely some great contenders. I find when I use a liner my lipstick lasts much better, especially when its applied all over the lips before I go in with anything else. Going from the left to the right of swatches.. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner in 'Sweet Pink' is a pretty peachy nude that sits well under most of my day-to-day lip colours, its a little drying but nothing too noticeable when paired with a lipstick. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in 'Black Tulip', this is a pretty berry kind of shade that actually applies to the lips really nicely and lasts a long time. Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lipliner in 'Red' - super imaginative name - is a true red shade, this liner is a retractable one meaning theres no need to sharpen it. This liner is pretty creamy and I find it doesn't last as well on the lips compared to the other lip liners I've tried. The Sleek Eua La La Liner in 'Raisin' is a very vampy dark colour, being as pale as I am I can't wear this all over my lips as personally I think its a little too extreme. Its easy to apply and has a slightly waxy texture which I think aids in its wear time. I love using this to add dimension to some of my berry lipsticks. My current favourite lipliner is Mac's 'Soar' Lip Pencil, these pencils apply to the lips so well and last pretty much all day which is why I love them so much. Soar is such a pretty pink-brown shade that sits under my favourite lipstick from Mac which is Mehr. Finally another lip pencil from Mac in the colour 'Beet' this is like a berry-red colour that really brings out the beauty in all of my plum coloured lipsticks.


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Today I have to chat about this concealer! I've been a Mac Pro Longwear Concealer girl for a long time, but this pick from Urban Decay rivals the top spot. I did a post about my favourite concealers that you can read about here, but personally I think this blows them all out the water.

Firstly, I'm a fan of the shade selection that Urban Decay offer with this concealer. If you're pale like me then look no further as I can promise all your dreams have been answered. I rock the shade 'Fair Neutral' which is perfect as its not too yellow or too pink and theres not a hint of orange in sight. Its a pretty full coverage concealer - much like its rival from Mac - but this feels so weightless on the skin. I've never found it to look cakey and it blends into my skin so seamlessly that sometimes I look in the mirror and think I'm having a good skin day. It comes in a handy tube too, and the kind-of-giant doe-foot applicator makes applying this to your face a breeze. I really do love this as I can genuinely apply it anywhere on my face, it hides my dark circles and doesn't settle into any lines or crease throughout the day and it covers any redness or blemishes without batting an eyelid. I really couldn't ask for any more - my prayers have been answered.

Have you tried the Naked Skin Concealer?


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

An Ode To // Revlon Lip Butter

Hi everyone, today I want to share the love for another product that I've kind of neglected a little lately. The Revlon Lip Butters used to be my go-to for lips on a daily basis but I've found myself reaching for other products more often that not. I've been doing a few forgotten favourites posts lately, instead of doing a gigantic 'Shop My Stash' post I thought I'd break it down so I chat more about why I love the products!

I don't really know why I stopped reaching for these lipsticks as they really are wonderful. They have a really easy to wear formula thats mostly sheer making them great lipsticks for everyday wear. They're also super moisturising and don't dry out my lips at all so I really have no reason to have neglected them! I currently have four lip butters in my collection, and I love each of them! 'Candy Apple' is a pretty red, which applies a little more pigmented than the others that I own. Its a really wearable red as its not a full, opaque matte meaning its much easier to pull off - especially if you're just branching out into red lips. 'Cotton Candy' is a pretty, pale pink colour thats great for everyday. It has a little bit of shimmer running through it but nothing too crazy or noticeable. 'Creme Brule' is probably my least favourite, its a very beige nude that I feel doesn't really suit my complexion so I find it works best when I mix it with other colours. 'Peach Parfait' is probably one of my most worn lipstick ever, its a beautiful peachy coral colour thats perfect for everyday. Its also a pretty good dupe for Mac's 'Patisserie' but we'll keep that a secret... Personally I think my 'Peach Parfait' has seen better days so I might have to replace that fairly soon!

Have you tried any Revlon Lip Butters? Whats your favourite shade?


Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Space NK Wishlist

As your fellow beauty junkie, I thought I'd share the products I've currently been lusting over with you all today! I don't know if I'll end up purchasing all of them as it would make quite a dent in my bank account, but we can all dream right?!

Space NK is one of my favourite places to shop for beauty as they really take the time to pick out and stock some truly amazing brands. Unfortunately I don't stay near a Space NK store so a lot of my shopping is done online, but its still a great experience overall. Lets get down to business..

1. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation - I hear a lot mixed things about this foundation and so many people tried this when it first launched. From the reviews I've read I think it'll be great on my oilier skin type and provide me with some nice full coverage without looking heavy. Obviously I cant say until I've tried it but I have high hopes if the day comes!

2. Kevyn Aucoin Super Soft Buff Powder Brush - I felt this brush when I last visited a Space NK store and it was the softest brush ever! I think it would work amazing for powder or liquid foundation as it has a really nice density to the bristles. It has a pretty steep price tag at £48 but I imagine its worth every penny.

3. Clarisonic Mia 2 - I've wanted to try the Clarisonic for so long and I think I might end up treating myself to this at the end of the month as I really want to get into better skincare habbits!

4. Nudestix Skin Concealer Pencil - This is another brand thats been getting quite a lot of love recently, and the idea is that your entire makeup bag is pretty much made of pencil form products. I don't know if this idea is something I could fully commit to but I think a stick form concealer would be a good place to start!

5. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask - As someone who fights with clogged pores on a regular basis I'm always keen to try new masks and products to help battle this! Caudalie is a lovely brand and all the other skincare bits I've tried from them have really went down well with my skin so I think I'd get on quite nicely with this mask!

Thats it for my wishlist today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe I'll do more like it soon!

Wheres your favourite place to shop for beauty? Have you been eyeing up anything lately?


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Nars Satin & Velvet Lip Pencils // Forgotten Favourites

Hey everyone, today I thought I'd do another post chatting about some forgotten favourites of mine! I'm noticing that a lot of the things I forget about are lip products.. probably because I'm a lipstick junkie and have too many to cope with all at once haha! Regardless, I do purge my makeup collection frequently and rid my stash of the products I really don't show love to anymore. This means that what I am left with is all the stuff I really love, and these Nars pencils definitely make the cut!

I think the reason I forgot about these is that most of the shades I own are more Autumn/Winter appropriate, which works out pretty well as we're pretty much full flow into fall right now. I love the cooler months, simply because I love dark vampy lips and cosy scarves! My favourite shades of the Velvet Matte pencils are 'Never Say Never' and 'Cruella'. NSN is a really pretty plum colour that is so easy to wear and not too stark against my pale skin. Cruella is a gorgeous deep red that screams Autumn to me, it has a really nice blue base which means it emphasises the white in your teeth as an added bonus. I love the matte formula of these, they wear really nice and don't dry out my lips what so ever which is always great. They glide onto the lips really well too and don't drag or tug when you apply them. I also love the Satin pencils as they're super easy to apply on the go - especially the nude shades. They have a much creamier texture but aren't overly glossy, something I'm a big fan of! My favourite shade is definitely Lodhi as its just a really easy wearable nude. I also really like Yu for the summer as its a super bright blue based pink! I honestly do love these lip products and its going to be great now that I can crack out some of the darker shades now we're into the colder months.

Have you ever tried any Nars Lip Pencils?


Monday, 14 September 2015

Some Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts!

Hi guys, I wanted to do a slightly different post today! I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram accounts with you all as its my favourite social media platform right now. I follow so many accounts there (probably too many) and decided it only makes sense to share my favs.

Fist is Kate (@gh0stparties), she has such a pretty account and she also has a lovely blog too. Her snaps mainly consist of blog photos and pictures from her day to day life. She's a pretty good photographer too and always inspires my blog photos.

Lauren's account (@laurenschroer) is also one I check out frequently, her photos are bright, fun and generally of a positive vibe. She's a graphic designer too - which is totally up my alley!

Huskies (@huskies) has got to be my absolute favourite right now! I personally love these dogs and think they're super adorable so this account is perfect. I do however follow an unhealthy amount of cat accounts too but I thought it would be weird to make a post dedicated to all my fav kitty instas!

Linda (@lindahallbergs) is an amazing makeup artist and I really love her work. She's such an inspiration to me and her account displays some of the amazing work that she does. If you're getting into makeup or you're an aspiring makeup artist her account will be right up your street.

Last but not least I find myself on Trendmood (@trendmood1) quite a lot as they post about all the upcoming makeup launches and collections that are coming. As a Mac lover their account keeps me up to date on release dates well in advance (meaning I get time to save my pennies!).

Please let me know what your favourite accounts are! And if you're an Instagram user let me know your username and I'll happily give you a follow. If you want to see the interesting things I post about on the photo based site you can follow me at @claresloves and you'll be the first to know when I post a new blog entry! I know this post is a little different but please let me know if its something you'd like to see more of in the future, I'm thinking of doing a post dedicated to my favourite blogs soon too!


Friday, 11 September 2015

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Nail lovers, this post is for you! But also for everyone too haha.. I love having painted nails, right now I have acrylics but usually I opt for an at home manicure - I did a post about it that you can read here. I know Seche Vite is super popular but I still thought it would be useful to share my opinion. 

Before Seche Vite I never really used to apply a top coat to my nails, mainly because I never really thought it made any difference and I've certainly tried my fair share of top coats too. Seche Vite is totally different from all the other top coats, its quite thick in consistency and really forms a bond between the nail polish and the top layer. It dries super fast and creates a much stronger nail with a super glossy finish. When I use Seche Vite my nails last up to 7 days regardless of what nail polish is under it. Before this top coat I'd change my nail colour every 2-3 days but this really does prevent chipping and flaking. I love this stuff and I honestly can't be without it!

Whats your favourite top coat?


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Forgotten Favourite // Rimmel Apocalips

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well! Today I'm chatting about a forgotten favourite of mine, and maybe of yours too. When the Rimmel Apocalips hit the shelves, I remember trying so desperately to get my hands on them. The blogging world went a little crazy for the whole liquid lipstick concept and things escalated from there!

I remember reviewing these bad boys a good while a go and being so excited by them. These lipsticks were so different from anything I'd ever tried before. A lipstick that applies like a lip gloss - I was amazed! Soon after this liquid lipsticks took the beauty world by storm and now, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Stila are favourites in the market. Most of the liquid formed beauties come in matte form and pack a great amount of pigment but these Rimmel offerings are a little different. The Apocalips are a glossy finish which is something I think is totally underrated. I personally prefer a finish like this as its much less drying on the lips, and if you really want to matte them down its nothing a tissue and some blotting powder can't fix. I think Rimmel do offer a matte version of these but I'm yet to try them - for me the original Apocalips will always be a favourite!

Do you have a beauty product you love but you've forgotten about?


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Wella Oil Reflections Hair Oil

Hey everyone! Long time no blog post.. I can only share my apology but I've been really ill recently and I'm still sniffling away as I write this post! I'm trying out a few different things in terms of taking photos for the blog too, its that time of year where natural light is slipping away as my get closer to winter. Especially here in Scotland, its pretty dull most of the time regardless! I like my photos to be quite bright so I used my light ring in my bathroom to take some pictures, please let me know your thoughts as I'm really trying to make a big effort to improve the little things on my blog!

Enough rambling.. Today I wanted to chat about a hair product that saved my life a little bit! A while a go - before I had my hair cut a lot shorter - it was pretty bleached and colour damaged. I used this in the ends of my hair every time I washed it and I noticed a huge difference within a few weeks. Nothing is going to completely rescue badly damaged hair but I applied this when my hair was wet and then once it had dried and it really smoothed out any frizz and helped my hair to grow stronger. After a little while I decided to have my hair cut much shorter for a change, so now I use this about once a week in the ends of my hair to keep it moisturised and frizz free. I simply use one pump and rub it between my hands before massaging it into the ends of my hair. It has a really lovely smell too that lingers throughout the day. My hairdresser uses this on my hair too when she dyes it, so if its good enough for her then its certainly gonna be good enough for me to use! I know Wella isn't the easiest brand to pick up on the highstreet but I was able to purchase a bottle of this from Amazon for around £9! I know that salon services sell this in store too so if you have access to there then definitely look out for this little gem. It really has changed my hair and I think it would be great for pretty much everyone.

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