Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Maybelline 'Creamy Beige' Leather Effect Colour Tattoo!

Hey everyone! Today I'm back with another great drugstore find. This time it comes from Maybelline in the form of the relatively new leather effect formula colour tattoos. Although the colour tattoos have been around for a while now, and they're loved by many - including myself - I'd never seen this formula before so I decided to give it a whirl!

I was very pleasently surprised. It's very different in texture to the other colour tattoos but it works very well. For a start it's much drier to apply and I find it goes on best with a brush, I like the real techniques base shadow brush. When applied with the fingers I find it can drag on the eyelids and clump together but with a brush you can seamlessly blend it in thin layers to create the colour and intensity you're after! The creamy beige shade I picked up is great one to throw on everyday as its not too crazy yet it adds the perfect amount of something to the eyes. I'll definitely be picking up more of these in the future!

Have you tried the new colour tattoos?


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Max Factor 'Seductive Pink' Creme Puff Blush!

Guuuuuys! If you're a blush fan like me, get your purses at the ready for this latest release from Max Factor! These blushes are absolutely flawless and what's even better, I think there might be a few hourglass dupes amongst the shades too!

I went for seductive pink, a pretty shade with baby pink and slightly lilac marbelling. It swatches a little more on the peachy side on my skin with a pretty pink undertone. It's so beautiful and it has a lovely sheen without shimmer, very similar to my favourite hourglass blushes. There's a few shades in both the ranges which are quite similar, I don't typically buy similar shades in different products as I feel like duplication within my collection is a waste. However, I can definitely say the quality and the texture of the Max Factor offerings are very similar to the Hourlgass option, and they're much more kind on the purse!

Have you tried the Max Factor blushes yet?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes! | YouTube

 Hey guys! I thought I'd make a short video explaining how I wash my makeup brushes, its really straight forward but i know the first time I wanted to clean mine I had no idea where to start! I basically just use some baby shampoo and my brush egg (which I'll link below) to clean them, making sure to keep the brush pointing down to avoid water getting into the ferrel - this can cause the brush hairs to fall out! Then I squeeze out the excess water and lay my brushes flat to make sure the water can't get into them. I usually leave them on a towel by a radiator over night and they're dry by the morning! I hope this was helpful to you!


Click here to go to the eBay page where I purchased my brush egg!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

NYX 'Dolly Pink' Mega Shine Lip Gloss!

Back in the day, or maybe still now, these NYX lip glosses were what everyone was all about. I picked up this shade from my local Next store, a strange place for a NYX counter right? But apparently Next has been selling NYX for quite a while now! 

I'm actually very impressed, this lipgloss is not sticky what so ever and its insanely pigmented! It doesn't dry my lips out either which is a huge win in my opinion! I really like it and think that this colour is a great one for the summer, its so easy to both apply and wear! I really want to pick up a few more shades, especially with NYX having them on sale on their website right now. They're currently £4.50 instead of £6 which makes them an absolute bargain in my opinion!

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss - NYX website.

Have you tried these lip glosses?


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nars And God Created The Woman Palette!

Back again with another cheeky eyeshadow palette review! This time its from Nars, and its beautiful!  Not only that, but it comes with a mini Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base and a handy little brush. What I love about this is that its so compact yet it has a great range of shades.

Being my first dive into Nars eyeshadows I wasn't sure what to expect, of course I expected good things as everything else from Nars that I've tried has been absolutely amazing. This is no let down. These eyeshadows are so gorgeous and buttery, as well as being beautifully pigmented they just glide on to the eyes and blend flawlessly. My favourite shade is the one in the bottom right, its a super pretty dark, chocolatey brown with gold shimmer through it which just looks so stunning on the eyes. As for the primer, I think its hands down the best eyeshadow primer I've tried to date. Literally nothing is going anywhere when this is on your lids, I swear it even prevented my mascara from running a little! The cute little brush is also really great, its super soft and its stubby top makes blending really straight forward. All in all I'm really impressed with this and I can't wait to try more Nars eyeshadows!

And God Created The Woman Palette - Available here.

Have you tried anything from Nars?

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