Friday, 3 October 2014

MAC Sized To Go Pigments!

I love MAC pigments, but unfortunately they're not the cheapest product out there to buy. I was delighted to find out that they've taken out these mini sized pigments! they're so cute and whats even better is they only cost £10 instead of the regular price which is around £16. 

I decided to pick up two shades in the sized to go tubes which are so adorable! They're glass with a matte black plastic lid which encases the product perfectly. I think the concept of having a mini size is so useful because I own some pigments in the full size and I really don't think I'll ever go through a whole pigment pot. I'll probably struggle to go through these mini sizes! Anyway, I picked up two pigments which I've had my eyes on for a while now: Rose and Blue Brown, both of which have a beautiful duo-chrome effect. Rose is a pretty pink colour with gold through it and blue brown is a chocolate brown which appears blue when it reflects light - so gorgeous! I need not mention how good the pigmentation or staying power of these is, after all they're MAC pigments - there are no faults in my opinion. I love applying these to the eyes with a wet brush as it minimises fall out and gives a much stronger colour pay off. Love!

Sized to go pigments - Available here.

Have you tried MAC pigments?



  1. Awww oh my god these are so cute! Not to mention how beautiful the colours are, I may have to invest in some myself
    Zelda xx

  2. I love these pigments!! they are really fantastic, the Brown color is beautyfull *.*

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