Wednesday, 16 July 2014

MAC 'Peony Petal' Blush!

Today I bring you, not only my new favourite but the perfect summer blush. Its so perfect I can't believe I didn't own it for so long. Let me introduce you..

Peony Petal is a satin finish blush which means it has a slight sheen when applied. Its not matte and its not shimmery either, it just adds a nice amount of glow to the skin. Its a bright blue-pink colour which I think compliments a tan rather nicely. Its beautifully pigmented - as are all MAC blushes - and applies brilliantly. Why I love it so much is because once I pop this on my cheeks it just makes me look so much more healthy, like I'm glowing from within. The pop of colour is perfect for the summer and looks gorgeous with a bronze smokey eye. Its lovely as it can be applied sheer or built up for a more intense look. An all round winner in my opinion!

MAC Peony Petal Blush - Available here.



  1. Such a pretty colour! I bought Bobbi Browns Pink Peony blush a couple of weeks ago and it looks pretty similar too :) xx

  2. Such a lovely colour! I've only ever bought one mac blush (Peaches) but when I see photos like this it makes me want to get more!


  3. looks like a great blush! I love the set up of your blog. I followed you, would you mind checking out my blog and possibly following back?! Thanks!!


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