Monday, 28 July 2014

MAC 'Naked' Pigment!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you my second MAC pigment, its a good one so make sure you take note! I think you'll love it!

The colour Naked is kind of like a combination of champagne, skin colour, shimmery, golden and beauty. It looks amazing swept all over the eyelid and also makes a really nice glowy highlight on the cheekbones. The pigmentation is, of course, top notch as MAC never seems to lets down on this. If you're looking for that quick product to throw on for summer, you should definitely check this out! I can't wait to try out more pigments, let me know if you have any colour recommendations in the comments below!

MAC 'Naked' Pigment - Available from MAC



  1. Love the pigmentation, will check it out.

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